Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: Liu's "marathon" Life

August 7, 2007 afternoon, the Chang'an Club, high-end Finance Forum - "Thought feast" of the "Maestro", I had the honor to see a great admirer of Mr. Liu. At the meeting, Mr. Liu that modest, friendly, modest demeanor impressed me.

A few days ago, Lenovo Group (0992.HK) released fiscal year 2007 to 2008 one-quarter results show, the company achieved operating income of 3.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 13%, and implemented since the acquisition of IBM PC-round profitability around the world, Company pre-tax profit reached 78 million U.S. dollars, net profit of 67 million U.S. dollars. This marks Lenovo in the global exchange standard, hand the Olympic Games, after the successful acquisition of IBM PC, has ushered in a new strategic turning point, successfully achieved leapfrog development - international, and is expected to help the 2008 Olympic Games, Samsung style to achieve The new leap.

A master at that day, Liu voiced his success with the Lenovo Famen - "long-distance running." Indeed, in the past 20 years, too many companies develop faster than the association, there are too many entrepreneurs prospered than Liu. However, many entrepreneurs and enterprises in the sprint, then it stalled for various reasons, even collapsed.

So, what kind of a leader Liu has 20 years of distance runners Lenovo? If more than physical, more than technology, more than courage, more than qualifications, specific energy than the management ideology, Liu higher than in Chinese business person is not specified minority. However, Liu to become the business world, "leading authority" that he had so explained, he said, a pearl and some portraits, some people are not pearls, not as shiny as pearls, but he is a line, can those pearls strung. Business leaders must know their value - you are the line.

In my opinion, Liu was able to be strung piece of Li Qin, Ni Guangnan, Sun Hongbin, Guo Wei, Yang, Zhu Linan, Ms Mary Ma, Chen Guodong, etc. These "pearls" and "line" because of its depth, he established can support his philosophy of life long-term success.

Liu had contacts with the people, not people do not praise his humble, friendly man demeanor. Mr. Qin Shuo writes in his article: "with him, you definitely do not feel that his reputation and prestige from the pressure, Liu 'low' of this step, you brighter future. This is the Chinese culture, called modesty, self-suppression. "

In the August 7 meeting at the Masters, and his dialogue with Taiwan's entrepreneurs are COFCO chairman of Ning, Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group, General Manager Mao Zhong Fang too kitchenware group, but he is very modest way from time to time young entrepreneurs to start than his speech. In particular, the details worth mentioning is that when Mr. Ning offensive to look at state-owned enterprises in the past, when Mr. Liu Any reference in state-owned enterprises is insufficient, we must first seek a friendly manner Ning understanding.

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