Monday, September 27, 2010

Ningbo CHIC - Yum CRC show "weapon"

"Innovation, upgrading, integration and development" as the theme of the thirteenth Ningbo International Fashion Fair on Oct. 22 in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center opened, a 4-day exhibition officially opened to meet the P Plus guests. CHIC exhibition area of 45,000 square meters, exhibits covering the apparel, garment machinery, fabrics and accessories, clothing, etc. on the middle and lower reaches CAD industry chain, attracted a total of 56 countries from around the world and regions, 28 provinces City a total of more than 9660 domestic and foreign buyers and professional traders to be the procurement, negotiation, up to six thousand times the number of visitors.

Hangzhou Yum Kai Union also coordinated the body 100 together Starlink software participated in the CHIC and the work of local well-known equipment manufacturers in Ningbo, "Friends locomotive" join the festivities - a total booth cooperation through mutual the influence of shared clients brand. Bright and spacious exhibition hall in the fifth coming and going, our booth doing my part to become the most popular museum, "site", while we indulge in a corner booth, but still can not stop the customers come here especially. Or 32 in groups or alone, merchants a one followed. Simulated assembly line next to explain the presentation, discussion area cooperation in the deliberations, Jie Shiyi send crowded, bustling scene.

According to incomplete statistics, RF125 factory management system has been around the world more than 500 different product categories of the successful implementation of large-scale clothing enterprises, accumulated more than 120,000 users online using the system. After the implementation of foreign and domestic companies testing and feedback analysis, RF125 system is similar software on the market today are quite advanced and improved products. Real-time master Factories pulse, simple operation, a general increase in production efficiency by 30% or more, the price was only able to achieve the same effect of one-tenth of hanging system. As the old saying says: advance preparation of its profits. Do you have "Swordsman" ambition, but could not do anything while keeping a low profile? That now, you catch it on the "production management tool!"

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